Welcome to Michael’s Ozone Outdoor Training Center

Challenge yourself with our outdoor training center!!!

Conquer true-to-size “American Ninja Warrior” obstacles to raise the bar for both conditioning and strength. Be pushed and guided with a professional coach, group sessions, or enjoy “Open Access” to rule your own workout.

Please check schedule for training and access times.

Why the Ozone Outdoor Training Center?

Rigorous routines with soaring heights, try the outdoor training center only found at Michael’s Body Scenes. In addition to the American Ninja Warrior Warp Wall and Salmon Ladder, see if you can beat the monkey bars. It’s harder than it looks.

Additional Equipment
TRX Suspension Trainers
Kettle Bells
Sledge Hammers
Gymnastic Rings
Weighted Vests
Medicine & Slam Balls
Olympic Barbells
Bumper Plates
Weighted Jump Ropes
Plyometric Platforms
And more…

Improve Fitness Levels with Ninja Warrior Obstacles

“Climb the 14 foot Warp Wall and make your way down the ropes.  Climb the Salmon Ladder and make your way across the uneven Monkey Bars.  30 reps on the ropes with 30 seconds on the rings.  Tackle the rock wall and climb your way to the top.  You got this, you can do it…”

Who Can Benefit From “Ozone Training Center”?

Any individual, whether a Member or non-Club Member, can train at the Ozone Training Center. Please remember, the Ozone Training Center is not for everyone. Please contact one of our Customer Services Advisers to discuss your training goals and objectives.

Not A Member, Not A Problem.

Beat the wall and enjoy a free week.  Beat it again and enjoy 50% off your next week.  Bring a friend and race the course.  Join with a friend, and get a free month.  Need private access for yourself or a group?  You can do that, see management for details.  Can you be a Ninja Warrior?  No excuses, anyone is welcome.

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