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By Lynn Allison. American Media Inc.

Marcio Correia, Ann and Ted Stitzer
Ann Morris and Ted Stitzer weren’t looking for love when they joined MBS, but on December 8, 2012, the attractive senior couple who met at the gym, tied the knot.

“I’ve been a member for years because I love the intimacy of Michael’s,” says Ann, a former administrative assistant. Ted, a widower, loves to dance and joined the gym to expand his social life.

“I love Latin music so I started taking Marcio’s classes standing at the back of the room with the other beginners. I saw Annie in the front row and after a while, we began to talk,” the realtor says.
The friendship grew as the couple shared their love of good food and dancing and one day, in the parking lot after class, Ted gave Annie a much needed hug. “That was the turning point,” he laughs. They both credit the warm, supportive atmosphere of MBS for helping them feel welcome and comfortable.

“From the moment I joined I felt right at home because the trainers gave me an excellent orientation on the equipment and help structure my workouts,” says Ted. “It’s such a warm, friendly gym and so very much a part of our lives even now that we’re married.”

Other Members in the Spotlight:
Kathy Sharp

By Lynn Allison. American Media Inc.

We’re so proud of our long time MBS member, Katherine Karageorges Sharp, for her recent victories at the National Senior Games that were held at Cleveland State University on July 20-22. Kathi, 54, set three national records during the exciting swim meet and swam three personal bests improving her time over her last meet, two years ago.

“I was shocked and happy about that,” she says while traveling with husband Tim, en route to Gainesville where her daughter, Kara, will attend university. “I trained hard and thankfully, it paid off.”
Kathi set national records for the 200 meter free style, 100 meter freestyle and 50 meter freestyle events, of course winning the gold for all three races. She won yet another gold and two silvers in other meets.

It wasn’t an easy win for Kathi emotionally as well as physically. Her beloved father, John Demetrios Karageorges, who recently passed, fell just before the competition. He was living in an assisted living facility when she got the call that he had been sent to the hospital by ambulance.

“I almost flew home that Friday night, but after many phone calls back and forth I reluctantly decided to stay and compete,” the executive pharmaceutical sales specialist says. “My dad was discharged after 24 hours in the hospital but I still felt terrible. I went to practice in the pool but nothing felt right.

“I prayed and practiced my yoga breathing and felt the love and support of friends and family. Thankfully, I was able to channel all that energy into my races. At the end of each day, I would check in on my dad and then refocus on the races for the following day. Saturday morning, I finally felt good in the water and won the gold for my most challenging race, the 200 meter freestyle. I also improved my time for the last event and set a national record! I couldn’t believe it.”

Kathi, who is a beautiful woman both inside and out, is credentialed as a Pilates instructor, and certified as a personal trainer.

“Eventually I would like to spend more time teaching and helping others achieve personal goals while improving overall health and fitness,” she says.

Kathi continues to inspire us with her dedication to fitness and her ability to get better and better as the years go by!

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