What Members Have Said About Their Club For Over 26 Years

Sept-Oct 2001
Dear Michael, Andy, Leslie, and the MBS crew,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving me the chance to work here. I don’t think I would have found the nerve to change my career path if I hadn’t started here.

Michael’s Body Scenes is truly the little gym that could. For that reason, I’d like to acknowledge MBS in my book that I’ve already started researching. Although I am currently working on my master’s thesis, I fully intend to complete this book that will combine my knowledge of psychology and exercise. Meanwhile, I will continue working with the few clients I have left here.

Once again, the pleasure was all mine.

Live the dream,
Kenric Lai

Nov-Dec 2001
Dear MBS:

Thank-you very much for hosting the members/staff picnic and softball game on Sunday Nov 18 at Patch Reef Park. This is a wonderful annual event I’ve been going to for….well let’s see, I’ve been a member since:

Michael P. had long hair,
Michael F. had uh, …a new green Corvette,
Leslie/Andy had no kids and a Broward commute,
Sunny, Pam, and Lynn wore ‘the’ nylon sweat suits,
Fotis was a wild young buck,
“Self” Magazine had something worthwhile to say,
And there was a reason to know “Beracasa Way”
Point is…MBS is a family and events like the Picnic are a family reunion. And it is this warmth and bond through all these years (oh man am I starting to sound old or what?) that I find most endearing about the people who are all a part of MBS.

So while I thank-you for yet another great Sunday afternoon in the park with friends, I’m really most grateful for the family that is Michael’s Body Scenes.

Howard 2H

Jan-Feb 2002
As we all know living in South Florida, we see people come and go. It is no different with our health club. The majority of members that cancel their memberships are relocating to other parts of the country. Here are a few letters and e-mails that we received.

Dear MBS:

I have moved to Austin, Texas. I would like to let you know how happy I was to be a member of Michael’s Body Scenes. The Staff is friendly and compassionate. I particularly want to thank Allan for the 6 am Spinning and Leslie for her wonderful yoga class. For all you yogis stay focused!

Again Thanks so much,
Annick S.

Michael’s Body Scenes:

Thank you for a wonderful 16/17 months of aerobic endurance. I appreciate the warmth and friendliness of your gym. However, I am terminating my membership – nothing personal, but I have moved to New York. I would be happy to recommend your gym to any individuals moving to the Boca Raton area and looking for a gym membership.

Once again, thank you
Stephen G.

Mar-Apr 2002
Ever wonder what other members are saying about MBS’s instructors? Here are a few of the many letters and suggestions sent to us:

Dear Michael’s Body Scenes,

I have been spinning for over 5 years in the Metropolitan area. When relocating to Florida, it was very important to me to find a gym that had exceptional spin classes. After visiting quite a few gyms, I chose Michael’s Body Scenes. All of the spin instructors execute a great spin workout. At this time, I would like to commend your Wednesday morning spin instructor, Amy, on giving one of the best spin classes that I have attended in the area.

Keep up the Great Spin Instruction!
Danielle F.

Dear Michael’s Body Scenes,

I have been a member since January 24,2002 and have enjoyed every day. From the beginning, joining with Renee to getting familiar with the equipment with Fred. I have attended many classes and enjoyed all of them. I am out of shape and have found that Lisa T.’s Step and Low is just what the Dr. ordered. She has a lovely way of making suffering a little easier and I know I will be seeing more results as time goes on.

C. Segala

May-Jun 2002
Dear Editor and Publisher,

The Newsletter is excellent, I enjoy reading every single issue.

Great job guys!
Maria E. Voyer

Dear MBS,

Thank You for providing a place where people can come to improve their bodies and souls – and have some fun in the process. Your standards are superior, your staff very professional and friendly…

PS. Can you move the gym to New Jersey for the summer…
Heidi F

Dear Michael,

I enjoy your aerobics program here at MBS, like the dancy style and interesting new moves we are exposed to from many instructors.

If possible please make sure the music is not too fast, because it makes it hard to finish the moves (especially for tall people)

Thank You,

Jul-Aug 2002
Dear Michael,

Thanks so much (for the pictures of MBS Membership Appreciation Party). I really like the one with the smiles- pretty much captures the feeling of the evening. Thank you for a fun event. I feel like Michael’s is a part of my family…and definitely a big part of my physical and emotional well- being.

Allyne C.

To Leslie, Andy, Michael and Mike,

Thank you for the lovely party. A good time was had by all. We appreciate you appreciating us!

Benay D.

Dear MBS,

My job relocated me to the San Diego, CA area. I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed my work out at the facilities and the staff did a great job helping me to get in shape the short months I was a member.

Again, you will have my best recommendations to prospect customers.

Gabriela H.

Sept-Oct 2002
Dear Michael’s Body Scenes,

Due to my husbands temporary job transfer I find myself here in Puerto Rico missing Boca Raton a lot, but specially missing Michael’s.

I’ve been going to the gym 5 days a week for 4 years and you have become part of my life, a part that makes me feel good and happy.

I am working out here but believe me, nothing compares to you. You are the best gym I have ever been to; the variety and quality of the instructors is what makes you special.

I miss you a lot and I can’t wait to go back, thank you for giving me “the only hour in the day for myself” for the past 4 years.

Best regard for you all, see you next summer,
Maria V

Dear MBS,

Hooray for new “spin” bikes!

I came for the color…I stayed for the feel. It’s like peddling on air!

Marsha S.

Sept-Oct 2002
Dear Michael’s Body Scenes,

Due to my husbands temporary job transfer I find myself here in Puerto Rico missing Boca Raton a lot, but specially missing Michael’s.

I’ve been going to the gym 5 days a week for 4 years and you have become part of my life, a part that makes me feel good and happy.

I am working out here but believe me, nothing compares to you. You are the best gym I have ever been to; the variety and quality of the instructors is what makes you special.

I miss you a lot and I can’t wait to go back, thank you for giving me “the only hour in the day for myself” for the past 4 years.

Best regard for you all, see you next summer,
Maria V

Dear MBS,

Hooray for new “spin” bikes!

I came for the color…I stayed for the feel. It’s like peddling on air!

Marsha S.

Nov-Dec 2002
Dear Michael:

I wish to express my sincerest thanks for a great two days of exercise and an electrified atmosphere while visiting Boca Raton during my holiday leave period. The staff was as always friendly, helpful, and genuinely courteous, a testament to why I feel MBS has remained an icon of camaraderie and fitness since I was a young member back in 1992.

I joined MBS when I worked as a stock boy at the former Whole Earth Market. I was a fit, but scrawny seventeen year old who liked to imitate all the complex “wussy” exercises I saw in the magazines. One day while I was performing some cable exercises I was befriended by a really big man named Michael Frank. He gave me some simple wisdom I have held firmly to for over ten years:


Stick to the core exercises: Bench, Dead lift, Squat, Power Clean, and Cardio.

Stay away from steroids and the junk.

This six-foot 180 lb seventeen year old eventually became a six-two-240 lb man over the years by following those three basics. I’ve had my ups and downs, fit times and fat times, we all do. The basics always bring me back to that wisdom and I always succeed in the end. Michael Frank taught me that.

It is this wisdom that I apply to all aspects of my life. “Stick to the basics”. It helped me become not only an experienced operational submariner, but a caring mentor to my guys as well. It helped me through nuclear engineering school. It made me a better man and most importantly a better husband. “The basics.”

I will continue to visit my “home” every leave chance I get. I look forward to using the continuous improvements.

Best wishes,

Jan-Feb 2003
Dear MBS,

I have been away for the summer. Just returning back to Steve’s step class and am reminded what a great instructor he is. He is so enthusiastic and the class is so motivating.

Lenore H.

Dear Michael’s Body Scenes,

Our MBS is such a warm caring place – home away from home. This is truly exhibited by staff, management and the members. It’s a magic no business can buy! A very special place.

Thank You
Addie C.

Dear Michael’s

I love this place.! It is not home away from home, it’s better.


Dear MBS,

I just want to tell you, I am very happy with the gym. Its very comfortable and friendly. I enjoy getting up and coming in 4-5 days a week. I wish there were more 9:00 or 8:00 am classes because the 10:30 class is late.

Again, thank you and keep up the great work.

Kathy S.

Mar-Apr 2003
Michael’s Gym,

For the past two years, Fred and I have been working out with Renee Sanok, on a twice a week routine. We originally asked for help with weak upper bodies, out of shape lower bodies, and had a need to lower body weight.

Both Fred and I have had a decrease in blood pressure, a more energized lifestyle, and have been successful with Renee’s help to lower weight and increase body strength. She is sensitive to my positional dizziness, able to make progress with varied training for both core strength and agility, and monitors our need for changes in routines.

We are able to keep up with weight training and fitness routines, using gyms wherever we travel, and have a renewed spirit to maintain fitness for our older years.

We highly recommend our trainer Renee for her professional approach to workouts regardless of your ability or age.

Fred and Dolores M.

Dear MBS,

I would like to let you know how motivating, thoughtful and concerned Sophia (Personal Trainer) is.

She’s helped me tremendously during the last several months. She’s great!

Diane H.

May-Jun 2003
Dear Michael,

I just want to take a moment to tell you what MBS has done for me. I lost some weight at the end of last year and decided to rejoin MBS to try to keep my weight off and perhaps tone up some. WOW!!!! Not only have I kept that weight off, I have lost more and as an extra added bonus, am toning.

I am fighting a chronic illness but when I walk into MBS every morning, I have no worries. For me, this is the best thing I could be doing for my health and well-being. Maintaining a steady schedule at the gym, which includes treadmill, weights, machines and classes has given me a sense of personal accomplishment.

As an extra bonus, I have made some wonderful friends. I am just so grateful to belong to a facility such as yours.

Marsha Silverman

Dear MBS,

I had the pleasure of Spinning in Bryan Sussman’s class this a.m. He is charming and upbeat and plays great music.

What a great way to start my day! Thanks

A. Green

Dear Michael’s,

When In do Bryan’s class I feel like it’s Friday night happy hour at the coolest party in town.

He’s the best, said it before, I’ll say it again!

Thanks for Tuesday mornings!

Jenna D.

Jul-Aug 2003
Dear MBS,

It seems hard to believe that my children who played in the MBS nursery on Beracasa Way are now old enough to join a gym of their own. I didn’t want to take this decision lightly. I felt it was important to lay the proper foundation to instill a love of exercise and fitness that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Each child had different wants and needs. All wanted something as a fill-in between their school sport seasons. They wanted to go to gyms where their friends were not an old person’s gym. They needed it to be close to their summer jobs. One child only liked spinning, my son wanted weights only, and the other something else, etc., etc. I was very reluctant to commit to all the membership money before I knew if they’d actually use a gym.

Well after all this mind time, I found the answer right here at MBS. Your people had already thought this all through. Your “teen punch pass” is a perfect solution. It is reasonably priced so their friends can obtain them also. The “no expiration” clause works well with their team sports schedules and the card allows them to try all kinds of workouts and classes. Teenagers just want to “hang” with their friends and “hanging” at a gym is sure preferable to “hanging” somewhere else.

I’m thrilled they are now experiencing the same sense of fun and camaraderie that I’ve enjoyed all these years at MBS. Thanks for making this one easy.

Marty Lowe-Altman

Sept-Oct 2003
Dear Michael’s Body Scenes Community,

WOW! The support Kim received from the Michael’s community at the spin-a-thon (Spin for Kim) on Saturday August 9th was unbelievable. Not a bike available for the entire four hours, and then there were some people who spun for all four J Very impressive!

I had the pleasure of spinning the final hour and the energy felt in the room was that of love and healing. I think I cried the entire hour! But they were positive tears, brought on by the outpouring of love felt for my sister.

Thank you to all the instructors who gave their time for this special person, and for Michael’s Body Scenes for allowing the use of their gym and bikes. I want to especially thank Allison Geller for helping organize this wonderful event. Her energy and enthusiasm are just amazing! To all of you who spun with us, thank you too 🙂

Therefore, on behalf of the Exsteen family I would like to say we really appreciate all you have done for Kim and hope that you keep her in your thoughts. She is on the road to recovery now, but still needs the love you all gave that Saturday in the Spinning room.

Thank You,

Shaun E.

Nov-Dec 2003
Dear Leslie,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me change my life in more ways that I can ever express.

Before I took your class I thought I was going to get a good workout and a good stretch but what I got instead was so much more; a real life-changing event. The more I took your class the more I experienced a true feeling of peace and focus that I had never experienced before.

I remember hearing you say class after class to “keep it honest” and that’s what I take from your class. I have allowed my heart and mind to be quiet, I listened and I was honest with myself. After 4 years of being away from our families Carrie and I have decided to move back to Austin Texas.

I want you to know that it was a difficult decision and that your class and Andrea’s classes were one of the main things that kept me holding on to Boca. But if there’s something I have learned from your class is to let go.

I write this in a letter because these days I get so emotional with the whole thing I wanted to be able to express how important your teachings have been in my life and those around me. You are a truly gifted soul and I will miss you and your class more than words can say.

Thank you for helping me discover a new side of me. Thank you for reminding me to be honest, thank you for your patience, thank your for your dedication, your passion for teaching and the love that you irradiate to everyone around you.

I would love to keep in touch with you and let you know of our wonderful adventures in Austin. It’s my turn to take your class outside of the mat and to spread some love around.

With admiration and honor, with peace and joy, with love and gratitude,

Cristian S.

Mar-Apr 2012
Dear Michael’s Body Scenes Community,

I am so happy to hear that Michaels is in the Health/Fitness lead for the Best Of Boca-because you are and I have nothing but the highest praise! Everyone associated with the gym is personable and professional and I’ve made wonderful, dear friends with my yoga buddies. It’s more than a gym. It feels like an extended family, especially since I’m there at least six days a week. Over seven years ago I started at Michaels through the Silver Sneakers program with Lydia. She was very instrumental in ‘graduating’ me to yoga and ultimately to Leslie and her wonderful teaching of yoga, which goes way beyond the physical.

Thank You and Namaste,

Sandra Imperatore

Dear MBS,

“I had no doubt when I became one of your first members that you’d be the best! I’ve been long gone and in another state but love to hear you continue to succeed! Well done!”

Orealys Hernandez

Jul-Aug 2014
Dear Michael’s Body Scenes Community

Best spinning class ever!! Best trainer… Always full of inspiration.. Just when you think I can’t climb another hill.. He assures you with a great song and much encouragement that you can. Turns out Fotis never fails his cycling students!! Thank you for always making the hour worth it!!

Heather Spielman Borgioli


This is a FANTASTIC marketing email- I HOPE people get the difference, listing it on a blackboard is genius! The classes you offer are THE BEST and when I make it there 2-3 days a week I feel like I get the biggest bargain in town!! 😉 I bug my friends to join all the time. Personal favorites are Meryl on Sunday’s (the old Steve’s step class time slot) and Crystal on Monday’s! And Michelle when my knees can take it. (ugh)
Thanks Michael P. for being my favorite/only place to workout since 1988! (boy I feel old) 🙁
Christine D.

Dear Fotis,

Most importantly thank you and your staff for everything. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member for the pat 18+ months. The Spinning has been a great experience and the friends i have made have all been wonderful.

Thanks for always being a friendly face, I hope to see you soon.

Best Regad’

Bruce H. B

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